Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nelson Mandela Celebrates ninety fifth Birthday in Hospital

Nelson Mandela has celebrated his ninety fifth birthday. The previous South African Leader, still gravely ill following a recurring lung illness, is claimed to be making progress towards a steady condition.

Current South African President Jacob Zuma is alleged to be “encouraged” by Mr. Mandela’s progress. “I was able to say ‘happy birthday’ and he was in a position to smile,” said Mr. Zuma in a statement.

Mandela’s birthday is also International Mandela Day, one day declared by U.N in honour of the Man’s contributions to racial equality, too as to South Africa and the world.

South African artiste Paul Blomkamp will reveal a large painting of Mandela in New York’s Times Square and numerous commemorative events will be taking place in Melbourne, Australia.

In Africa, school children might be singing a synchronised rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for the President, while Leader Zuma will supervise the donation of homes to poor families in the Pretoria area. In Johannesburg, residents and well wishers shall be forming a Human chain that is expected to stretch from the Fashion District all of the way to that heart of the city.

Meanwhile, volunteers around the world (including British Capitalist Richard Branson) will donate 67 minutes to charitable action or community service, to be able to mark Mr. Mandela’s 67 years of public service (a time which includes his prison sentence, as well as his time as a lawyer, an activist and South Africa’s first black President).

Mr. Mandela’s daughter Zindzi was quoted as saying that her father was making “remarkable improvement” reporting that he has been viewing hospital TV with headphones on. “We look forward to having him back in the home soon” she said.

Mandela’s spouse, Graca Machel has said that she’s “less anxious” about his physical condition than before. Nowadays also marks the couple’s 15th wedding anniversary.

Mr. Mandela is generally communicating together with his eyes and hands, but visitors often repeat that he is smiling a lot also.

Following a gift-giving ceremony with the Mamelodi Township, Mandela’s relatives will share a special birthday lunch with him. The household have prepared 95 cupcakes in the honour.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The fourth in line of the throne is born

At 4.24 PM on monday, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave birth to a newborn son weighing 8lbs 6oz. The birth was formally announced to the public at 8.30PM.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, was in attendance at the birth, which doctor’s described as “textbook”.

Large crowds gathered out of Buckingham Palace all day in anticipation of the excellent news. When the announcement finally arrived that the newborn had been carefully delivered, the people cheered in approval.

There has also been a constant press presence beyond the palace and the hospital all day, reporting the events to the rest of the world.

Queen Elizabeth II and her Husband Prince Phillip are thought to be “delighted by the news” while Prince Charles has made a brief declaration that he was “enormously proud and content to be a grandfather for the first time” he furthermore said that he was looking forward to seeing the baby soon.

The Duchess will remain in hospital overnight, but is said to be doing well.

The new baby son is the 3rd in line for the throne, following his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William. Should the line of succession go on as expected, the boy will turn out to be the forty third sovereign since William The Conqueror.

The couple have not yet announced a name for their new arrival. However, in accordance with tradition, they first will present a list of chosen names to The Queen before formally announcing their choice. Historically, this will let the reigning monarch to endorse or disapprove of the chosen name.

Disapproval has occurred rarely throughout the past, notably with the birth of Princess Margaret (who was initially to be named ‘Ann’) in 1930.

However, Royal experts say that Queen Elizabeth is more “down to earth” than a few of her predecessors have been and that she is not likely to interfere in the christening process. The protocol is being overseen mainly as a custom and gesture of respect on the part of the Royal couple.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what the child’s name will be, but William and Kate are likely to make a official statement soon.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Nelson Mandela is on the path of recovery

Past South African President and civil rights icon Nelson Mandela, who is in hospital since 8th Of june, has today showed some small signs of recovery, reported by South African Leader Jacob Zuma.

According to Mr. Zuma, who cancelled a trip to Mozambique so as to visit the 94 year old in hospital, “He’s much better now than he was when I saw him last night.”

Mr. Mandela’s daughter Makaziwe has also reported that her father is “still there”, which has provided hope to the millions worldwide who wish the former Leader a immediate recuperation. Though, she has also affirmed “he doesn’t look good”. Mandela’s condition continues to be thought to be perilous.

Large crowds have gathered outside the hospital, with a bunch of kids who released 94 balloons, one for every year of Mandela’s life. US President Barack Obama described Mr. Mandela as “a hero of the world” and commented that his legacy will live throughout the ages.

Online, a large expression of support for Mr. Mandela, too as his family and legacy, has dwarfed the comparatively limited, culturally motivated attempts to sully the former President’s name for shock value and/or web hits.

Nelson Mandela was the powerful force behind the replacement of that racist Apartheid regime and a multi-racial South African democracy.

For his actions as a member of that political underground, Mr. Mandela was imprisoned for twenty seven years. Before he was sentenced, Mandela famously made his reason for freedom and equality in the Rivona courtroom.

“I’ve appreciated the ideal of a democratic and free society that all people live together in harmony and with equal opportunities (…) It’s an ideal that I hope to live for also to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am set to die.” He said. Upon his liberate, Madela eventually became South Africa’s first black President and was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, with former President F.W de Klerk, in 1993.

Since voluntarily stepping down as President in 1999, Mr. Mandela has worked as an envoy, campaigned against HIV/AIDS (an affliction which resulted in the death of his son in 2005) and negotiated peace treaties in Africa and somewhere else in the world. On his 89th birthday, he formed ‘The Elders’ a group of foremost statesmen and famous figures, with the intent of tackling some of the world’s toughest troubles.

In 2004, he retired from public life completely, seeking to engage in “quiet reflection”.

I wish Mr. Mandela a powerful and quick recovery and remain hopeful that, although his advanced years, the person known the world over as ‘Madiba’ can continue to work as a source for good on this earth.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Startup Leaf Selling Android Pc tablets to Retail shops

Update – We’re observing a trend in the direction of dining places using PDA’s to take orders for the kitchen, and now the utilization of android tablet pc’s and apple ipad’s. Now retail shops and stores are taking up the thought, using android Operating system for their staff, A start-up organisation named Leaf possess the answer for the retail marketplace with a point-of-sale method. Only time will tell but presently we could have store assistants selling us goods about the street, outside the store clearly!

Before jumping into this post, I need to preface the fact that I am a proud iPad owner. I think it is an amazing device. But, it’s not the only one out there.
Dave Haynes has a great post on his blog about a new startup called Leaf that is building out an Android-based point-of-sale system for retail. In his post, Dave highlights Leaf’s enterprising approach to a segment of the tablet market that has been dominated by Apple.
I think Dave is spot on with his profile of Leaf. While the iPad has been the overwhelming choice when it comes to in-store tablet deployments (see: Belly, Square, Nine West, Urban Outfitters), Android is beginning to step out of the shadows.
Many startups and brands are beginning to see the value of Android tablets at retail – more economical, open platform, more device choices, etc.  I recently interacted with a Buzztime tablet at Buffalo Wild Wings that was Android-based. It was a great experience, at a fraction of the cost of deploying iPads. Ziosk is another example of a startup looking to deploy table-side tablets at scale. Guess what platform they went with?…Android.
While I believe that iPads and Android tablets both have a place in customer-facing retail deployments, it’s nice to see that companies are widening their view to take in all of the possibilities.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

seventy fifth celebration of the 1st arrival of Superman.

This week sees the seventy fifth celebration of the 1st arrival of Superman.

June 1938 saw the first issue of ‘Action Comics’, which enclosed the actual 1st emergence of the individual that would inspire millions of people worldwide. It is, to any or all intents and reasons, the birth of that superhero story.

The individual was an immediate winner, inspiring not just the entire genre of superhero fiction, but additionally radio drama, movie serials and reams of merchandise.

Superman creators Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist) had worked for years, first to generate the character and then to sell him to the publisher.

In 1932, the duo created a fanzine called ‘Science Fiction’ which contained the story ‘Reign #of the# Supermen’, featuring a infamous, all-powerful being. Later that very same year, this emergent ‘Superman’ was re-tooled into the greater heroic version we all know today.

The concept for this new Superman seemingly came to Siegel one sleepless nighttime, during which he wrote the entire story that would eventually appear in ‘Action Comics’ opening issue. The following day, Shuster built the character’s iconic look and a noticeably hero was born.

In 1933, following a series of rejections, a disconsolate Shuster in fact set fire to the early edition of the story. All that survived was the cover art, a picture which has since become iconic.

Editor Sheldon Mayer was the first person to take a chance on Superman, giving the colorful hero a canopy look on the first issue of Action Comics. This issue, in mint condition, can now reach prices as high as $2Million.

Superman has remained well-liked in comic book series like ‘Superman’ and ‘Action Comics’ as well as numerous spin off series starring his supporting characters like Superboy, Supergirl, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

He has also drawn crowds with hit movies like Richard Donner’s 1978 ‘Superman’ film as well as the 2006 movie ‘Superman Returns’. The character can also be a Television mainstay, being depicted in successful series like ‘Lois & Clark’ and ‘Smallville’ as well as numerous kid’s cartoons.

Superman’s 75th celebration will see DC Entertainment unveiling a temporary Superman-themed emblem celebrating this landmark anniversary.

The special event will also be commemorated by a new Superman comics series entitled ‘Superman: Unchained’ created by the creative team of Scott Snyder (writer), Jim Lee (artist) and Scott Williams (inks).

Elsewhere, the latest Superman movie ‘Man of Steel’, starring Henry Cavill, will open in theatres from Friday 14th June, making sure the occasion is well and truly celebrated.