Sunday, October 27, 2013

’Earth-Like’ Asteroid Devoured by Dead Star

The Hubble Space Telescope has recorded an intriguing event some 150 light-years from Earth.

A large asteroid was pulled into the White Dwarf star (named ‘GD 61’ by astronomers) and utterly destroyed. This is not an unusual event, as even dead stars still exhibit a very high level of gravity. However, scientists are interested because the chemical signatures left in the star’s atmosphere indicate the presence of water and a rocky surface, both considered to be key building blocks for the creation of life on our planet.

Until this event was observed, water and a rocky surface had never been found together on an object outside our solar system.

The asteroid consisted of the elements magnesium, silicon, iron and oxygen, all of which are usually found in rock minerals, but scientists believe that the abundance of oxygen indicated the heavy presence of H20.

The object was at least 90KM across and as much as 26% of that is thought to have been water. Earth is considered to be just 0.02% water.

This discovery is important because it gives scientists a vindicating glimpse of how inhabitable environments may have been formed, receiving key components (such as water) from outside sources such as meteorites.

It is thought that water first arrived on our planet by similar means and that other planets in the GD 61 system would once have received water this way as well. According to BBC News, scientists consider the presence of rocky planets in the GD system to have been “very likely”.

Scientists have observed over 1,000 planets outside our solar system, but none is thought to contain water.

Closer to home, some planets and heavenly bodies are thought to contain water. Mars is considered by many to once have had liquid water, but if this is still the case, it is a greatly reduced amount.

Elsewhere, Jupiter’s moon Europa raises a tantalizing prospect that there are oceans under its icy surface. This has led to some convincing research into the possible presence of ocean currents there. However, Europa is not alone, its fellow moons Callisto and Ganymede have also been suggested as candidates for liquid water.

In addition, Rhea (moon of Saturn), Titania (moon or Uranus), Oberon (also orbiting Uranus), Triton (moon of Neptune), Pluto (dwarf planet), Eris (dwarf planet), Sedna (possible dwarf planet) and Orcus (another possible dwarf planet) are all speculated to have oceans, some of which may be in contact with the rocky core of the respective body, which would hypothetically result in a steady stream of minerals and salts into the water – an important factor in creating life.

Saturn’s moon Enceladus has geysers, which is seen as proof of the presence of water or at least water vapours. It has even been theorized by some that Neptune contains oceans of liquid diamond.

The heavy presence of water on this asteroid is a vital clue for scientists and their understanding, not only of the cosmos, but also of how our home planet came into being.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Take a Look at the Latest Xbox one bundle

The Xbox Kinect is a great invention. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve wanted to fight the in-game characters one-on-one instead of relying on moves and combos.

“If I didn’t have to rely on these buttons so damn much” I frequently grumble, “I’d grab that monster and kick it in myself!”

For example: the fat bloke from Pokemon. In every single version of that game, there’s some fat chug blocking your way until you’ve done something he wants you to do. If a fat bloke did that in real life, I know that I for one would be first in line to smack him in the gob. I’m not an especially violent person, but I have things to do, y’know?

Maybe that’s how Team Rocket and that lot get started? Maybe we’ve misjudged them all these years…Maybe they just got sick of fat blokes, people with spurious stomach-aches and Snorlax after bleedin’ Snorlax blocking their progress. Team Rocket are cat lovers, no harm ever came from cat lovers, did it?

Well, with the Kinect, your body is the controller. When you play a boxing sim, the right hook you’ll be using is your own and when you play running games, its your own legs that you flail about pathetically. Today, the Xbox 360 with kinect bundle can give you everything you need to get started in one cut price purchase.

Yes, you read that right, the Xbox 360 with kinect bundle represents the future of gaming. You can, at last, take matters into your own hands. You can at last use your reflexes and natural instincts rather than relying on controllers and other peripherals. The future is now, which puts us only a few centuries away from the development of the first holodeck, yay! (Oh come on, you know you were thinking it!) 

We Take a Look at the Latest Xbox one bundle

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can you use a keyboard with the amazon kindle fire

You would imagine that external keyboards for tablet pc’s could be ‘pretty much of a muchness’ by now, wouldn’t you? If only it was as easy as ensuring the keyboard in question is similar with your OS whereas, oh, I don’t know, getting the damn thing…However it does not seem being like that, unluckily.

Now, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is well-matched with outer keyboards, but not with most of them. Which means you’ll possibly be stuck rooting through an extensive list of keyboards (many of which don’t appear to bother letting us distinguish whether they are ‘Kindle friendly’ or not).

The ‘Amazon Basics keyboard’ doesn’t appear to work for every reviewer, either. Some like it, some don’t.

Frustratingly, testimonials are often inconsistent when it comes to Kindle Fire compatibility, with a few claiming that certain products work and others furiously reporting sentiments similar to “do they b******s”.

Though, all isn’t lost, gentle reader. Customers on have claimed that the following models are compatible (to varying levels) with the Kindle Fire HD:

The Advent Bluetooth Keyboard

The Perixx Keyboard

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000

The Belkin Android Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard

Visibly, I cannot individually confirm these customer experiences, but online boards are generally a great way to see what’s around and what tablets other people have used without spending any of your money.

As I’ve said in another place about the internet, it really does pay to shop about. I strongly suggest reading the opinions for every of those keyboards prior to you commit your heard-earned wonga to any of them.

On another interesting forum, I found that there is even a little debate as to if Amazon have locked out third party keyboards deliberately. Amazon are well known for their (occasionally) restrictive hardware, so it isn’t really an enormous leap of the imagination to consider the company blocking out exterior keyboards. However, I can find no approved statement from Amazon about this one way or another, so your guess is as good as mine.

If you do decide to perform an internet search in order to discover more, please keep in perspective the Kindle Keyboard may be a kind of eReader that is unrelated to that Kindle Fire or Fire HD. Articles, reviews and forums regarding this product will hinder any investigate containing the terms ‘Amazon+Kindle+Keyboard’. ‘Annoying’ scarcely did it justice.

Update: As it turns out, there is an official Amazon keyboard that works with Kindle Fire HD, but it really does not appear within the UK Amazon site. Personally, I’d suggest getting this one if you’re a US-based customer. If Amazon promises that it’ll work, then it’ll almost certainly work.

Within the UK, well, its in fact frustratingly unclear as to what keyboards will work and what is going to not. Another suggestion is to go down to the local computer store and ask them if you are able to try one out. That typically works.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

“Pee As You Go?” - Pee Can Power Cellphones, In fact

Scientists working at the University West of England (UWE) in Bristol, United kingdom, have discovered a way to power a cell phone with Human pee.

The company have been able to charge a Samsung mobile by placing the fluid through a surge of microbial fuel cells. With this process, enough energy may be generated to send text messages, browse the Net and even make a short phone call.

According to the scientists responsible, the next stage is to fully power the phone with pee…Presumably washing their hands directly afterwards.

Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos has labored for ages with microbial energy cells; he’s thought to be an expert in harnessing power from unusual options. The potential purposes of his work are very interesting from an environmental viewpoint.

Dr. Ieropoulos said, “We are very excited as this is a world first, no-one has harnessed energy from urine to do this so it truly is an exciting finding. Using the ultimate waste product as the source of power to produce electrical power is nearly as eco as it takes.” Eco-friendly technology is, seemingly, the good doctor’s main area of appeal.

The microbial cells work as the energy converter, they turn the organic matter straight into electricity, via the metabolism of live microbes. The electricity is the by-product of the microorganism’s natural life phase, meaning that as they ‘eat’ the pee, they generate power the energy that powers the mobile. Now that’s what we call ‘pee as you go’.

Toilet humour aside, the team have engineered a world first, as nothing as large as the mobile battery has ever been charged using this process before.

There are, at present, no plans to promote this tech on a sizable scale, but perhaps someday we can be signing a ‘P’ mobile contract, the trick, as they say, might be pissistance.

PS – I’m sorry about this one. The task and its implications are astonishing. All credit to the UWE team. Though, I continuously needed to do one of those ‘And Finally’ type tales and now I finally get to. Please forgive me, one and all.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Communications in Airports:Safety and Security is Paramount

Latest news – The security in airports have in the last ten years increased two-fold, and with this the radio structure has also improved and evolved. Communications and departments that were formally segmented, were combined for a more versatile and cheaper infrastructure along with a safer system, that could not be evesdropped on was created, learn more within ths interesting piece of writing

Efficiency, business continuity, service recovery, utilisation, safety and security on a massive scale.

Airports have become remarkable places, entire communities, employing tens of thousands of people within their perimeters, and covering areas measured in square miles, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Running an airport can be likened to running a large town, for instance the three hundred companies operating within London Heathrow Airport employ 80,000 people, which is roughly equivalent to the population of Warrington, a large conurbation in the UK. This is hardly surprising when they serve over 65 million passengers arriving at, departing from, or transferring through the airport.

Clear, reliable and effective two-way radio communications of both voice and data between diverse teams in an airport is not just important, it’s mission critical to operational efficiency, business continuity, safety and security.

In the past, different companies within airports operated as separate entities and developed their own two-way radio systems to allow them to communicate with their clients, typically airlines; while in turn, airlines needed to communicate with both their suppliers and their own teams.

This led to a proliferation of isolated communications systems and resulted in huge inefficiencies and the risk to the resident airport community and passengers in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Thankfully, in recent years this situation has changed across the world’s airports with investment in integrated solutions that allow cross communication between individuals and user groups operating at desks, on foot or from vehicles, including:

Airport management


Airline agents

Ground services

Flight and cabin crew




In-flight catering

Retail and catering

Hotels and Car Parks

Transfer services

Baggage handling

Cleaning services

Freight handling

Border control

Security teams

Safety teams

Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® digital two-way radio systems including walkie-talkies, in-vehicle units and repeaters, integrated in cost effective and scalable digital trunked systems, have proven themselves in delivering outstanding coverage and reliability in voice and data transmission across a wide range of airport operations, from small airfields to, most recently, one of Europe’s busiest international airports, serving 32 million passengers from its 3.6 square mile site.

Case Study – Turkish Ground Services (TGS): Switch to Digital & Kenwood NEXEDGE

Orgen, the official distributor of Kenwood radio communications systems in Turkey, has recently completed the first phase of building the biggest digital radio communication system in the country, utilising Kenwood Nexedge digital products. Their client, Turkish Ground Services (TGS), was formed on 1st January 2010 in partnership with Turkish Airlines and HAVAS and has already grown to become a major player in the global aviation industry.

For more information on Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital two-way radios, walkie talkies, trunked systems and networks for airport and airline operations,

Source -

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stallone To Play ‘Rocky’ Yet again

Rumours thrive that Sylvester Stallone will probably be playing the personality of ‘Rocky Balboa’ once again, in a brand new movie set in the ‘Rocky’ universe.

The incredibly well-liked character Rocky Balboa formerly appeared in the Oscar-winning 1976 film ‘Rocky’ and has been the central hero in no less than 6 movies to date.

MGM films have basically offered the new project, currently identified only as ‘Creed’ to director Ryan Coogler.

The proposed movie is invariably a spin-off as opposed to a direct sequel.

Michael B. Jordan, star of this year’s ‘Fruitville Station’ as well as HBO television drama ‘The Wire’, will play the grandson of returning series character Apollo Creed. The proposed story line would call for the young Creed to enter the world of boxing, with Stallone’s Balboa playing the job of his counselor.

Director Ryan Coogler, who worked with Jordan in the aforementioned ‘Fruitville Station’ movie, is said to be enthusiastic with the idea and is eager to co-create the screenplay.

Apollo Creed, as portrayed by Carl Weathers, was firstly presented as Rocky’s rival. In his original position, Creed (who was supposedly based on a mixture of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Louis) was the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion also like the savvy businessman. When challenged with the deficiency of proper opponents, Creed decided to put his trophy on the line against a local, unknown fighter.

The initial film mostly centred around the chosen fighter Rocky Balboa as he trained for the largest fight of his life. In the later films, Apollo Creed became a mentor plus a close pal to Rocky.

Weathers played Creed in each ‘Rocky’ film until ‘Rocky IV’, where the character was killed in a match with Russian boxer Ivan Drago (portrayed by Dolph Lundgren).

Despite the character’s death, he is significantly mentioned in both follow-up films and remains extremely popular with fans of this series.

The final film in the initial Rocky series, ‘Rocky Balboa’ was released in 2006 to keen critical and profitable reception. In 2010, Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the Worldwide Boxing Hall of Fame and Museum for his creation and portrayal of Rocky, as well like the many tributes he has paid to boxers and also the sport of boxing in his profession.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Relations, Contacts and associates many miles away? stay linked with them through your Smart TV

Once the exclusive domain of Star Trek, video telephone calls are now a very actual part of modern life. Cast your mind back to the ‘Friends’ episode when Monica was dating guest star Jon Favreau’s character ‘Pete the millionaire’ and you’ll remember one where Monica and co had sneaked into Pete’s home, only to be interrupted by a shock video call. So unprepared for the millionaire’s-only technology were the friends, that Pete had to indicate that they all “sucked at hiding” as he revealed them one by one. Today, if you’ve a computer, or a portable tablet, you may make a video call. It is that simple.

In fact, Skype (the program frequently used to make such phone calls) is gratis, remarkably easy to set up and saves you a large amount of cash on the phone bill. It will even make International phone calls, just like that! (I just clicked my fingers, but you can’t see it).

Whilst at University, I recall being woken up early approximately each morning by a Taiwanese girl in the room next to me as she got phone calls from her Mum and proceeded to have her sound system on full blast whilst they conversed in Mandarin (once my understanding of basic Mandarin got better, though, they kept it down for concern that I’d eavesdrop). I actually spoke to another friend of mine who was staying in America and was in a position to ‘meet’ her boyfriend’s relatives (oddly, where my use of Mandarin Chinese would once again come in useful) without having to dress and go to the airport.

I even once had a job interview over Skype. That’s the amount people are using video calls these days.

Well, as it is possible to obviously surmise, Skype (and other video call apps) have become downloadable via your Smart TV. This means that you and your friends or family can meet round and converse with other family and friends who might be as far as half a world away. It’s the right strategy to communicate, perform business and engage in long conversations without continuously fretting about your telephone bill.

Skype is a kind of Innovation, much like the mobile phone (and soon maybe the Smart TV) that it’s hard to remember a period without — and I am only 26. I do not think I even got Skype until approximately 2008 or so.

Downloading Skype to your big screen Television will allow you to talk to the friends whilst sat about the couch, it will be exactly like they are visiting you except you do not have to make then tea plus they will not scoff all the Hob Nobs.

Of all the obtainable apps available on Smart TV, this is probably probably the most universal in its charm and, I think, one of the most welcome. Over the course of this succession, we have seen the Smart TV be a device where what you need to watch is actually on, a gaming system so that you’re never bored, a pc, a network that connects you to your family and friends and now it can even take place of a home phone.

Skype is a quick, enjoyable and interactive way to keep in contact with friends and, when connected using your Smart TV, doesn’t even involve getting up to visit the next room. You can’t say fairer than that. In addition, you are able to always telephone your mates and tell them they’re on the telly. You’ll receive kick out of it, even if they do not quite get what you’re on about and why you laugh when they ask ‘what channel?’