Friday, November 22, 2013

The Brand new Motorola DP2400 Earpiece

We’ve thrown completely random pop-culture references at you (everything from ‘Wacky Races’ to 007 himself) and we’ve (hopefully) had a few laughs amongst all the dry facts and data. If you’ve read all of these things so far, then thanks, we appreciate your time.

OK, so the final item on our list is the Motorola DP2400 earpiece, which is the most expensive device we’ve viewed so far, albeit by only £1. The DP2400 earpiece, then, (for those amongst you who haven’t been keeping count) can be purchased from Amazon for £20.99.

For your hard-earned wonga, you get a 12-month failure warranty (always a welcome and appreciated feature), as well as an excellent little device, all things considered.

The DP2400 earpiece features extra-long Kevlar strengthened cabling (although its unlikely that the cable will stop a bullet, we’re just telling you that now), as well as a rotating sprung metal clip, which is a genuine improvement on the more stationary design (although you probably can’t break out that Sumo suit just yet) and an excellent inline microphone.

The sound quality is very, very good and the earpiece itself is generally strong and durable. With this earpiece, you’ll be able to hear any instruction clearly and cleanly.

The DP2400 earpiece also features a multipin plug, but the plug is only designed to fit the Motorola DP2400 and DP2600 series. It will not work with the DP3400 or DP4800 series, which severely limits its appeal in this area, as it renders the DP2400 earpiece less versatile than the other, cheaper models on this list.
Overall, this is a very nice earpiece indeed. Performance wise, however, there’s not a lot to choose from between any of the earpieces featured on this list, all of them are quality products and none will let you down.

The DP2400 earpiece is a solid, dependable product that does a good job and doesn’t hurt your bank account. What more can you ask for?

With all the emphasis we place on two-way radios (across the various outposts of our little multimedia empire), it seemed overdue that we focussed a little bit on the peripherals. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Quandary Halved: Why Hard Drives Are Useful; A superb Example

Toward the back of 2008, in a little Cambodian town named Phnom Penh (No idea of the pronunciation) a couple separated following an eighteen -year matrimony. Nothing interesting in that, you may think, but it’s the way in which they did it that had net forums busy.


They reduce their bloody house in half. Seriously, you are able to look it up. We will wait here…


Found it? Mental, right? Now, far be it from us to support our entire sales pitch on an editorial we found on the internet at, nevertheless it actually got us thinking. It got us thinking that if they had a working laptop or computer, say, with all their private files (business, tunes, pictures and etc) then it might have been cut in half too.


Aside from the storage space that hard drives free up, which is probably a hard drives greatest features, hard drives will back up and keep safe all data you have to store. So, whilst the couple’s DVDs were probably a complete catastrophe (I can imagine the husband virulently shouting “What the hell am I gonna do with a partial a copy of ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’, you b*tch!?”) the downloaded Seinfeld episodes on his hard drives would probably have escaped detection.


hard drives back stuff up. hard drives keep things secure. hard drives are convenient and fitting, but most of all, they’re notoriously difficult to saw through, mainly if you’ve just taken a hedge trimmer to a coffee table.

A Quandary Halved: Why Hard Drives Are Useful; A superb Example