Sunday, September 29, 2013

Was leedsichthys problematicus the biggest fish ever found?

A combined Scottish-Canadian group has confirmed the prehistoric fish leedsichthys problematicus is the largest boned fish yet to travel the seas of the world.

Mounting to lengths of 16.5 m over a projected development era of forty years, the Jurassic-era sea animal would have outgrown even today’s immense whale sharks. In spite of its grand size, though, leedsichthys is believed to have been a filter feeder, akin to baleen whales, basking sharks and whale sharks are these days.

Revealed from the late 19th century and formally named (after English farmer and fossil collector Alfred Leeds) in 1889, remains of leedsichthys have been unearthed right through Europe, and also in South America.

The ‘problematicus’ part of its logical name stems out of the proven fact that leedsichthys fossils are disreputably difficult to identify. This is due to a incontrovertible fact that leedsichthys’ skeleton #was not# made entirely of bone. Large portions #of the# animal’s internal structure were actually #made from# cartilage, just #as a# shark’s bone structure is. Cartilage #does not# mineralize as readily as bone and, as a result, fossil cartilage is somewhat uncommon.

Out of context, the fossilized bones can represent a problem to palaeontologists. Over the years, remains of leedsichthys have even been posited as belonging to bone-plated fossil stegosaurus!

Because leedsichthys vertebrae was cartilaginous, it may be very hard to see how long the fish may have been, with some unconfirmed estimates suggesting that it was as long as 30 m.

Nonetheless, each time a new, more total, fossil was discovered near Peterborough, UK, scientists were finally in a position to acquire an exact measurement. Professor Jeff Liston, of the National Museum of Scotland, said, “We sat down and checked out a good series of specimens, not just at the bones, but their inner growth structures also – just like the expansion rings in plants – to have some ideas about the ages of the animals, in addition to their estimated measurements,”

The team finally determined that a tiny adult leedsichthys would grow to 8 or 9 m after some 20 years and, in an additional two decades; it could achieve about 16.5 metres in length. This is bigger than the whale shark, the biggest bony fish alive now, in spite of persistent and credible reports of whale sharks developing as long as 14 m in length.

This news is thrilling to scientists and natural history fans as it guarantees a functional insight into the alterations in ocean life that occurred up to and during the Jurassic era.

Scientists now think that filter-feeding sea animals started out as quite little animals, before increasing to the massive sizes we all know today. The outstanding size of leedishthys problematicus thus implies that there was a massive surge in the plankton population of that Mesozoic oceans.

The invention also demands a major change to the record books.



Was leedsichthys problematicus the biggest fish ever found?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Read what people are saying about on twitter, facebook and Google + whilst watching TV

Since its beginning in 2004, ‘Facebook’ has made it as an giant success story, albeit not one without controversy. Plenty of controversy. But I am not here to discuss that. I am here to tell you a bit about social networking and why it’s a great addition to any Smart TV.

In some ways coming out through the now elapsed ‘Myspace’ and the excess of imitators it left in its wake, Facebook emerged as champion of the social networks, (until the next one comes along, that is). Facebook has occupied the Web using a clever exploitation of these 3 ever-reliable concepts:

1)         People love gossiping about others, particularly secretly.

2)         People are inordinately fond of and poking their noses into the lives of others.

3)         People’s unquenchable self attention, which, when fuelled by Facebook, is egotism on steroids.

Facebook is a remarkable tool and one which has easily tailored itself to smart phones, portable devices and now, even Television. In the end, Myspace was the cumbersome Neanderthal, who, even though being better, smarter and more powerful than Homo Sapiens, succumbed to the retreating ice age somewhat swiftly, failing to adapt to the world he could no longer understand. Facebook, conversely, was the eventual Cro Magnon victor, shivering in the cave throughout Neanderthal’s time, he emerged on the warm plains of the modern-day and, either directly or indirectly, eradicated his rival before moving with the altering technology and times, to the point he could sit at his writing table and update his position numerous times a day.

‘Twitter’ is an extremely limited website that acts like a miniature Facebook. Users have a couple of words to publicize their actions, opinion and/or feelings to a world that mostly does not care unless its worried that it is being cheated on. Yet, while famous people on Facebook tend to not update their own web pages, on Twitter an individual can follow (and sometimes communicate with) the behavior of Hollywood luminaries, celebrities, sports stars and other notable people, who are often surprisingly honest about their daily lives.

Facebook and Twitter are both big ones, but there’s others, greater than I can count that follow the same simple model but specialise in a new area (LinkedIn, for instance, deals with business relationships a lot more than personal ones). Many sites co-exist with Facebook now, feeding off their scraps like remoras on the back of the Tiger Shark. With nearly all online content, there is even an option to ‘Like’ it, thus adding it to the Facebook page (when you look closely at this page, you will almost definitely find one, which serves to spotlight just how all-encompassing Facebook’s presence is.

Smart TV, recognising the ubiquity of such sites and the emphasis that modern online business places on this ubiquity, has Facebook, Twitter (and the other social network sites) available for download. This means that you can have full (or nearly full) access to your Facebook account and update it without even going to a computer. Last night, when I needed to update my very own Facebook to say that I was watching, for what must be the hundredth time, the movie ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ I might have easily done it throughout a tea break in the movie itself rather than aiming to do it and ultimately forgetting, as I essentially did.

When you’re wondering how people are doing and you need up-to-the-minute information, Facebook is frequently the place to go. Facebook the site is free to use, could be the Smart TV app at time of writing and is a wonderful comms tool, particularly for people you do not essentially know that well. These days, people change their phone numbers every 0.3 of a second, so Facebook remains one reliable way to ensure you can always keep in touch.  I like to think of it as a really badly written newspaper, where the headlines are a little sunnier, a lot less biased and contain individuals I essentially give a damn about.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

You use Them While You are at the Golf course Communications for the Green

Golf clubs (by which we mean the locations, not the equipment) are vast expanses of property. They traverse huge areas, employ sizeable numbers of people and are plausibly complex environments to control.

In addition to a necessity of practical comms between various layers of administration, universal health and safety considerations and the dedication required to keep an excellent course looking spotless, 2 way radios are vital to golf clubs for keeping personnel connected with each other. They also help to offer security over large spaces and much more besides. Let’s go into all this in a bit more detail, shall we?

2 way radios are easy to utilize, cost effective and supremely trustworthy. A cell phone (or similar gadget) simply wouldn’t be anywhere near as dependable in the same circumstances, particularly when one considers that the majority of a golf course is in the open air and thus subject to climate, atmospheric circumstances and other intangibles.

Two way radios are strong devices, designed for use on a myriad of environments. If the tasks required are largely outdoors, it makes sense to use the same technology that soldiers use in the desert or the police use in the city, doesn’t it?

Two way radios offer a fast and useful response to emergencies of any type. Direct communication is a vital tool when it comes to reporting on a mishap and making sure that assistance arrives A.S.A.P. Two way radios also permit staff to report on the state of the green, relaying participant reaction directly to management, ensuring a swift and expert response to any concerns. This, in turn, can assist to develop player loyalty, providing a great association with legions of dedicated players who will appeal to other customers and thus give the club with steady trade.

But that isn’t all a 2 way radio is good for on the golf course. In general, golf courses need an increased degree of management ability and the key to good management is good communication. Two-way radios help to make sure that the on-course staff are equipped for the player’s particular needs. Two way radios help other amenities of the club (shops, restaurants, toilets etc) to run easily and still offer excessive standards and quality service.

Without two way radios, a golf club would need a number of degrees of management, if only to handle all of the travel between spaces. The management of a good course can represent a logistical nightmare. A long, relaxed round of golf (enjoyed by everybody from Larry David to Alice Cooper) could alternatively stand for a stress-packed, barrier-riddled game that many would surrender on before they ever even teed off.

Get a DP 2400 earpiece for the best price

Well, dear visitors, here it really is, the final of the 5-part series on two way radio earpieces.

We have thrown wholly random pop-culture suggestions at you (all from ‘Wacky Races’ to 007 himself) and we’ve (hopefully) had a couple of laughs amongst all the dry facts and data. When you’ve read all of these items thus far, then thanks, we value your time.

OK, so the last item on our list is the Dp 2400 earpiece, which is the costliest earpiece we have viewed thus far, albeit by only £2. The Motorola dp2400 earpiece, then, (for all those among you who have not been keeping count) can be bought from Earpieceonline for £29.75.

To your hard-earned cash, you get a 6-month failure guarantee (always a welcome and appreciated feature), as well as an excellent little device, all things considered.

The Dp 2400 earpiece includes extra-long Kevlar strengthened cabling (though its unlikely the wires will interrupt a bullet, we are just telling you that immediately), also as the rotating sprung clothing clip, which is a real enhancement on the more stationary design (although you probably can’t break out that Sumo suit just yet) and a very good seperate microphone.

The sound feature is very, good and the earpiece itself is generally solid and tough. With this earpiece, you’ll be able to hear any direction clearly and cleanly.

The Dp 2400 earpiece also includes a multipin plug, however the plug is only made to fit the Motorola DP2400 and Dp 2600 series. It’ll not work with the Motorola dp3400 or DP4800 series, which severely limits its appeal in this area, because it renders the Motorola dp2400 earpiece less adaptable than other, cheaper models on the list.

Largely, this is really a very nice earpiece certainly. Performance wise, though, there’s not a lot to select from between any of the earpieces featured on the list, all of them are excellence products and not any will let you down.

The DP2400 earpiece is the genuine, dependable product that does a fantastic job and does not hurt your bank account. What more can you ask for?

…And so our series completes. However, we hope you’ve found this series informative and helpful to you. With much of the importance we place on 2 way radios (across the various outposts of our little multimedia empire), it appeared overdue that we focussed a little bit on the peripherals. Glad you can join us. For further information on the DP2400 earpiece visit

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Wheels You Steal: Grand Theft Auto V...Coming Soon!

That is right folks, folkettes and folking mother folkers, ‘GTA V’ is arriving soon!

Developed to be Rockstar’s largest ‘open world’ title thus far, we could require this roguish misadventure to become Enormous. If you happen to took the sprawling artificial worlds of Grand theft auto IV, Grand theft auto: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption and slapped them all as one, end to end, you would fit them all inside the boundaries of Grand theft auto V’s methodically made virtual stage and you’d very much have space to spare. That is not only us talking either, that is an official statement. Get this, even the sea floor is fully mapped and explored.

There are three protagonists and also you’ll have the capacity to swap between them freely so as to explore various aspects of the story from varying angles. When you decide which player to ‘be’ next, the camera zooms out, (Google Earth style) and deposits you within the current location of the chosen avatar. Amazing.

Do not worry though, there is a lot more than pretty, destroyable scenery and multiple narratives to keep the more murderous players at bay. The world of GTA 5 is chock full of autos, weapons and chances to inflict misery upon unsuspecting civilians, if that occurs as your bag, anyway. You are not #in the# mood for chainsawing innocent people to death (if not, why not?) it is possible to basically ‘flip them off’ and check out a variety of different pre-programmed movement which are player (and area) dependent.

Besides that, the gameplay system has had an entire refit and Grand theft auto V “evolves almost all mechanic” in accordance with ‘Game Informer’s Matt Bertz. The combat system has been re-jigged and also the aiming and shooting controls are entirely re-made.

Overall though, the general feel and also the tone of the title won’t be facing any serious changes. You won’t be driving around delivering flowers or visiting church on Sunday. You’ll be stealing autos and killing people.

A lot of people. Probably in a very variety of mean way.

If you followed the series so far, then trust us, you will choose to be here for the next chapter.

On this respect, GTA 5 is about what GTA has always been about, total and utter carnage. It’s a gangster film that stars you; addictive, shocking and more superior than ever before…

Get Grand theft auto V on the 19th of september now

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Finest DP3400 earpiece

Last time we noted that James Bond might use the earpiece we are just about to explain if he were helping a mate to guard a nightclub. We realize that it is a strange circumstances to find yourself in, but it’s probably happened several times in a few early Ian Fleming drafts…(Editor’s Note: Wow. That’s quite a tangent. Well done).

The DP3400 earpiece looks excellent, works well and doesn’t cost a lot of money. You really cannot fault it on its merits.

The Motorola dp3400 earpiece includes an HQ PTT that provides amazing clarity and depth of sound. Any order, even if a laryngitis-stricken Muttley delivers it to you from the library anywhere, will be clear, clean and crisp to the ear.

But that’s not all, not by a long shot. The clear tube is almost concealed, designed specially for secrecy and discretion; it even is included with an extra earbud.

It even has (and we swear we’re not making this up) a concealed micro-speaker located at the bottom of the centre of the PTT switch.

Earpieceonline lists this product at £27.50, but that strikes us a absolute bargain. This earpiece is covert, brilliantly created and very high quality. It is also sturdy and hard wearing. Of all the devices we’ve checked out to date, the DP3400 earpiece is certainly the best looking. In terms of performance, it’s also the very best one we have considered so far.

The Motorola dp3400 earpiece is well-suited with Tons of Motorola (and Motorola TRBO radios) including (but not at all limited to): DP, DGP, XPR and XiR Series. XiR-P8200, XiR-P8208, XiR-P8260, XiR-P8268, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, DGP-4150, DGPTM 4150+, DGPTM 6150, DGPTM 6150+, DP-3400, DP-3401, DP-3600 and DP-3601 and the MTP850s.

Overall, this is a fine earpiece. The DP3400 is a superb earpiece, available at a fairly competitive value, with a awesome, practical design and a great deal going for it. No, this is not the same model the CIA use when guarding Mr. Obama, however it is not 100 million miles removed, either. This earpiece will do a great job, whilst at the same time not breaking the bank.

If you would like more advice on this DP3400 Earpiece visit in the Next episode, we’ll bid you a sad goodbye as we embark on the last in our group of walkie talkie earpieces. We will be checking out the most expensive item on this list and making some new silly jokes, stick around.