Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Launch of Motorola Connector Website

This month we are proud to announce the opening of the Motorola connector resource site, is the best resource for all types of Motorola earpieces and connectors. With advice and news of the latest connectors and earpiece styles, is there for you and your questions. Currently with 7 connectors in circulation for an even larger range of radios, finding the correct connector and earpiece for the radio you're using can be difficult, and that is the reason that the website was created.

Motorola started in the early 90's with the GP300 series radios and the 2-pin configuration, of a 2.5mm plug and a 3.5mm plug with a 8mm distance between the pins. this method worked really well and was copied by many other companies and used on their radio. This connector was carried on for the CP040 radio, brought into circulation in 2005.

In the late 90's, the GP340 was brought onto the market. A re-mastering of the multi-pin connector seen on the GP900 and this allowed for a new wave of earpieces. instead of the TX and RX mono style 2-pin connector, the multi-pin allowed for faster programming, VOX control, TX and RX control as well as future proofing for any future accessories.

Using the GP340 model, this inspired Motorola to use a multi-pin connector for all their future radios. When the digital generation came along in the late 2000's, Motorola created the DP3000 range of radios, that included the DP3400 and DP3600 radio. Instead of using the already widely used GP340 sstyle connector, a newly designed connector was created, primarily to create a new range of earpieces for themselves.  Recently Motorola have created the DP2000 range of radios, with another new connector, this increases the confusion of the user, expecting one earpiece to work on all Motorola radios, instead they have a complicated mix of connectors to choose from and select for their radio.

With 3 other connectors available for the Motorola radio portfolio, including the MTH/MTP connector, used mostly on the Tetra radios, the new SL4000 connector, for the slim line mobile phone style radios and the similar, but not interchangeable leisure range single pin connector.

As we have shown above Motorola have a wide range of motorola connectors and earpieces, This new website is designed to guide and assist those people that are confused which earpiece and connector they need for their radio. has information that no other website has, providing a connection chart to match the radio your using with the correct connector and some example earpieces from around the internet.

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